How They Came To Be

Eleven eggs were laid on the morning of 21 May 1999 in Durham, North Carolina.  The eggs were carefully dug up the following morning and were hence incubated in a makeshift incubator.  They began hatching during the last weekend of July that summer... the weekend that Evan and I were married in Texas.  All eleven eggs hatched, and we found good homes for seven of the babies. In 2004 Line, Sinker, and REC went back to North Carolina. We now have but only Hook.

Their Names

Their naming took awhile.  We ended up with four turtles. One had particularly red ears (which he has since lost) while the other three were chromatically similar.  Fortunately their designs on their necks suggested their names: Hook, Line and Sinker.  The one with red ears we called the Red Eared Critter (REC for short).  Now that REC no longer has red ears, should we change his name to Bait or Tackle?

Below you can see their chin markings for which they are named: