Don't miss the additional text below that describes some of the features of this composite satellite image.

Eric's Pond and Camp Shyasock are the dark spec at the tip of the purple arrow.

This recent (composite) satellite image is about 25 miles across.
This image is easy to zoom and move around by following this link to Google Maps. And here is the Google Maps local context.

Oregon's Three Sisters, (North Sister, Middle Sister, and South Sister) are the peaks on the West side of this image. They look more like two peaks than three. Each are over 10,000', and South Sister is the highest at 10,358. The peak-like feature in the South-center of the image is Broken Top, 9,175'. The small town of Sisters (~3,300') is in the North-East corner of the image, about a 25 minute drive away. The rusty mess to the North-West is a fascinating lava field from an eruption thousands of years ago. Yes, these Cascade Range mountains are all volcanic, although dormant for more than a thousand years each. If you are wondering about the new "bulge" volcanologists discovered a few years ago, that is slightly off the left edge of the image.