Camp Shyasock Photography Page 2 - From week #2: May 29th - June 2nd




Some of the larger rocks in camp catch rain water. Erin noticed these tiny spring-tail bugs trying to pile up and get above the water in one local rock.



How to "glue slides" for an enclosure, for experiment #1. 115 slides per enclosure, for growing pond algae on. This experiment takes 56 arrays of 115 slides over 48 days. Steps: lay down pre-made paper array guide; lay out 115 slides, etched (rough) surface down; add blop of silicone to the back of each slide; carefully drop pre-cut fiberglass screen-door material sheet on top; smush in the silicone blob to make a good bind; wait a could minutes; transfer, with paper to a awaiting enclosure for 20 minutes additional drying; then slip out the paper for reuse. NOTE: This is how it looks during nice weather. Performing these steps sitting on the floor of a tent during a snow storm is less fun.