Photography from Erin's first week at Camp Shyasock, her 2005 high-elevation field site




22 May 2005 - Camp Shyasock Move-In and Get Rained-On and Iced-On Weekend:


14 May 2005 - The muddy, rutty road up toward camp is becoming passable.


30 April 2005 - Scouting area ponds

Susan's Pond

Susan's Pond

Eric's Pond - blue dashes show typical pond shore during late spring


March-May 2005 - Example photos of Erin's primary arrays, from 2005 field experiment round #1, just north of Corvallis. These floating arrays are just one part of the overall experiment, but they are the most photogenic. (Charismatic mega-experimental-apparatus?)


2005 File Photo: Typical "scientific attire"


2004 File Photo: Eric's pond on June 13th 2004, showing a look similar to, but with more snow than the present late May 2005.