Evan and Erin's 2004 kitchen and house remodel
Week #6


Week #6

Neil Kelly Cabinets are here!

(This truck runs on BioDiesel)

Neil Kelly offers a rather progressive wheat-board cabinet box

And our fronts are Lyptus

Our Meth-lab days were not over... everything had to be re-masked for lacquering the trim in place. The triangle windows, replaced by 3 Strands 4 years ago, are finally being stained :) 

(Erin displays our new kitchen table template :-)
Web-links about Lyptus, the wood we chose for our cabinet fronts:

Marshall Furniture (Photo comparisons)

Weyerhaeuser's Lyptus Products page

Johnson Brothers about Lyptus

Sawmillcreek Woodworkers Forum

Women in Woodworking forum