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January'10 - July'10

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Summer 2012:


Some of Cape Perpetua, some of Beachside
Cape Perpetua


2012 - June

June's visit to Texas:


2012 - Since Late March ...

This is a work-in-progress to catch up on posting picts...

Set #7 - More early June

Set #6 - Early June

Set #5 - Some great May shots

Set #4 - April and some of May


Set #3 - April

Set #2, April


Set #1 - March and early April


2012 January through March

(and late Dec'11 too)

Five batches below from late-December through March 25th, a different page of pictures past each of the five thumbnails here. Most recent at the top. (Yes, sledding down our snowy driveway a few days into Spring-time, in late-March!)



Old, yes, but cute. This video we made in August 2010. We like SoftStar shoes.

January 2012

Peter plays Hot-Cross-Buns



(And November too)

Four batches below, a different page of pictures past each of the four thumbnails here.



Five new pages of images from July to October. For the last page we couldn't choose between representative thumbnails, so you get both Peter at the organ, and Simon in schnazzy glasses.



16 videos from March through mid-August:

23 March 2011: Simon plays piano


25 April'11: Simon rubs foreheads with Yai yai while Skyping


30 April'11: Simon practices walking with a box


2 May'11: Simon practicing walking in the slightly muddy back yard


12 May'11: Jack-in-the-box attention, with Mamu


22 May'11: Organ recital, Peter enjoying it


27 May'11: Dinner prayers at the table


29 May'11: More dinner "Thank you God's" at the table


22 June'11: Simon still cannot walk, but he sure can climb!


28 June'11: more dinner "Thank-you's"...


28 June'11: Simon has a meal, and so too does Curie benefit


16 July'11: Simon's first real day of walking. Only one- and two-steps fits and starts before this batch.


1 August'11: Peter makes a movie by himself


2 August'11: Dinner chitter-chatter


2 August'11: more dinner chatter, and some amen's too.


5 August'11: Simon's now-advanced walking, marching, and horn-playing...




June & early July

May & early June

March & April:

Early March

Some genuine (finally!) sibling fun, playing off of each others' silliness.



A large set of photos, spanning from Christmas 2010 through late February 2011.


Simon's late-February proto-crawling, a short video:


A selection of eight clips from the past three months.

     (December 2nd)        (Dec 18th in TX)


    (Dec 18th in TX)         (Peter has a sax)


(That's cat-fishing)        (Feb '11 at home)

Both of the above are from mid to late February



Lunchtime chatter video:


December visiting family in Texas

Beach bonfire picts:

General visiting and fun. Note: there are two pages of thumbnails:


Late November & Early December

Vague theme: of trains and rocketships. Note: there are two pages of thumbnails

November Snow picts

October through early November picts

September through mid-October picts, and two movies


September 2010 movies

September picts


August 2010


July 2010, more - miscellaneous


11 July 2010: Welcome Simon Basil Scheessele

Simon was born at 10:28am on Sunday July 11th. 8lb, 9oz, and 20.25" long.


July: Polly visiting, Erin about to pop

Snapshots through the 10th of July

Tie-Dye Party 2010

Shots from during and the aftermath of the little 2010 tie-dye party we threw in honor of Peter's looming 2-year birthday.