Here's an idea for the stained-glass sky light:

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The idea came from the antique map print you have in the living room of the Charlotte house. I did a little searching on the web for this map, and found several variants from Joan Blaeu. The map in question is a neat one from the 1600's that is obviously incomplete and inaccurate in parts. For my look I took one image of his famous world map and adjusted the colors and line strengths greatly. I think it would look best if is was kept simple, yet crisp - I like the contrast of the strong horizontal and vertical lines of the frame with the accurate curves of the longitude and latitude lines (which I would insist on keeping some or most of, although it would up the cost and complexity of the product). The land masses could be simplified greatly - as I tried to convey with the coloration. I like the color of the areas above and below the hemispheres, but the various figures and cherubs would probably have to go or be greatly altered. You could also add a sun. mood, star-bursts, compass points, etc into these spaces, or the expansive Pacific Ocean space.